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Carnival for MOC fans: The Train Roaring Festival

by LesDiy Luo 22 Apr 2023 0 Comments

Did you have train dreams as a child? Driving the train by yourself roaring across the endless wilderness. In order to realize the dream of MOC train lovers, LesDiy created the Train Roaring Festival from April 22nd to May 10th, giving a 10% discount on all train-related, MOC products, including many trains reduced by 20 to $90, also available with 10% discount, discount code: LESDIYtrain. Here are some train models that MOC fans like!——


🚄Product 1: MOC-89126 Union Pacific 4014 Big Boy

Product link:

MOC-89126 was designed based on the biggest steam locomotive in history. This product was designed and authorized by Morningstrummer. There are two sets of driving wheels in front and rear of the train, each set of four axle eight driving wheels, and two axle four wheels without power guide wheels or slave wheels. Two sets of driving wheels have independent pistons and crank connecting rods.

MOC-89126 Union Pacific 4014 Big Boy



🚄Product 2: MOC-117307 Historical Rheingold (1928) Passengertrain Train Theme Series Model

Product link:

Designed and authorized by copernicus508. 

Historical Rheingold (1928) Passengertrain:
This moc pack represents the historic Rheingold Express of 1928. The set consists of the BR23 steam locomotive, a baggage car, a 1st and 2nd class car each and a lounge car for each class with a bar. Each wagon has a different interior design.The train has a total length of 2.93 metres (366 studs). The BR23 is 61 studs long and 13 studs high. The passenger coaches are each 63 studs long and also 13 studs high. The baggage car is 53 studs long and 14 studs high.

MOC-117307 Historical Rheingold (1928) Passengertrain Train Theme Series Model

🚄Product 3: MOC-75541 ICE 4/Br 412 Train

Product link:

This product was designed and authorized by Itrains.The Intercity Express (ICE 4 in German) is the latest generation of intercity express high-speed trains running at 250 km/h in the Deutsche Bahn's long-distance service. German railway plans to buy 300 columns which entitled "the intercity express train 4" power emu emu, for "transportation" departments for orbital long-distance passenger transport (German: Schienenpersonenfernverkehr) use. The planned electric EMUs will be manufactured by Siemens Transportation Group from 2011. The 12-section EMU of the variant has been in service since December 2017, while the seven-section version should be delivered from December 2020. The train's internal designation within the Deutsche Bahn is Type 412. Train marshalling: 7 marshalling: 3 moving and 4 dragging · 12 marshalling: 6 moving and 6 dragging · Length: 7 marshalling: 200 m · 12 marshalling: 346 m Car body width: 2852 mm marshalling weight: 7 marshalling: 455 t · 12 marshalling: 670 t Axle weight: < 18 t gauge: 1,435 mm (4 feet 8 ₂ inches)

MOC-75541 ICE 4/Br 412 Train

These MOC train models are created by designers who have participated in Lego trains and Lego models. Come and choose the train in your dreams!If you want to see more train models, please visit


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