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Challenging big castle: MOC-132661 Black Falcon's Fortress

by LesDiy Luo 08 Apr 2023 15 Comments

Have you ever built a real master castle? Do you want to build a castle of your own? New product: MOC-132661 Black Falcon's Fortress can meet your needs! ! !


Designed and authorized by Dream Build Bricks.

With a total of 6672 premium & rich-in-lustre parts. Design Details: Build Difficulty: Master Builder (MAXIMUM DIFFICULTY - 18+ years of age & 5+ years of building experience HIGHLY recommended).

MOC-132661 Black Falcon's Fortress

This MOC is based on the 6074 Black Falcon's Fortress Castle set that was released in 1986. That set contained a small castle for the Black Falcons, two guards, two archers and two knights with horses. This was the second castle of this faction, the first one being 6073 Knight's Castle. In Canada and Australia, this was known as 6074 Eagle Crest Castle. This MOC build was also inspired by many European castles including Bolton Castle in Yorkshire, England and Reichsburg Castle, Eltz Castle (Burg Eltz), Wernigerode Castle (Schloss Wernigerode), Nuremberg Castle (Nürnberger Burg), Hohenzollern Castle (burg hohenzollern), and Wartburg Castle (Schloss Wartburg) in Germany (Deutschland).

MOC-132661 Black Falcon's Fortress



The build also features:

  • An Armory and Blacksmith Area with practice dummy
  • Castle Gatehouse comprised of two towers and includes a Drawbridge, Torture Chamber, Dungeon, War Room with Table Map, and Study
  • Residence building on the rear wall which includes a stable area, Medieval Banquet Hall, Royal Living Room, Kitchens, Royal Sleeping Chambers, Wizard's Study, and Hidden Forestmen Hideout
  • Outpost Tower that connects to either the rear or right side of the residence building area


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