Neuschwanstein Castle

Designed by Felix Mezei

Germany Neuschwanstein Castle


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Background Introduction

I'm going to introduce Neuschwanstein Castle, designed by Felix Mezei. The Neuschwanstein Castle replica with over 57,000 Lego pieces the castle is impressive 160 63 and 92 cm in height or 63 ×25 ×36 in the total total weight is 41 kg or 91 lb .It is available for sale on
As a complete set of new never used original Lego parts or as a building instruction book this castle is composed of three modules you will receive from our website. The complete set of Parts already sorted by modules and each type of part by color in its zip bag. Felix one would like to present the main features and interesting facts about this creation.


At the beginning, Felix mentions this isn't a toy, it's a work of art a serious creation coming out of his love for Neuschwanstein Castle. It's an exact replica he have done thousands of measurements so every detail is replicated to look like the real castle as close as possible. From Lego Parts the end result it's a design that Felix took 2 and a half years working 10 to 15 hours a day to complete to his knowledge. This model is the most accurate Neuschwanstein Castle design in the world so far in terms of its fidelity. Regarding all measurements proportions and colors as well as the largest in terms of the number of Lego bricks used the experience of building this Castle is highly pleasant as everything you are building is unique and not repetitive unlike many other creations from Lego bricks.


Expand introduction

Regarding all measurements proportions and colors as well as the largest in terms of the number of Lego bricks. Used the experience of building, this Castle is highly pleasant as everything you are building is unique and not repetitive unlike many other creations from Lego bricks.The three models are built separately each having its own building instruction manual they are called the gate the courtyard and the body and they can be transported and join into the completed Castle. He is not a fan of Lego construction which are composed of numerous modules that do not allow people to see what they are building until the end when they join them and finish the model so his design allows you to follow your progression in the building process with each wall window roof decoration Etc .

You will see your Neuschwanstein Castle raising gradually as you lay each brick in place, just like a true medieval Mason. Felix wanted to have a realistic brick interlocking patterns so all the walls are made from the smallest Parts possible for example one by one and one by two plates. He also shows us more features the real castle was not constructed in a straight line but rather with an angle to conform to the Bedrock where it was built it was a very difficult feature to replicate with Lego Parts but he wanted to maintain the accuracy of the replica and he was one of the few able to achieve it on the first model.


You will see the Curve V replicated on an incline going up to the gate above the entrance is one of the stickers custom made for this castle representing the Bavarian royal family coat of arms an interesting detail that seems to be missing from other Neuschwanstein Castle representations is that here the original stairs are embedded into the Bedrock. The left side railing is actually a rock covered with vegetation. He has accurately replicated the bedrock in vegetation around the castle but not the trees as we move further with the second module. We can see the stickers of the four flags on the left side is one of the most difficult to replicate features a small building at an angle and an arch above a little cave where the Bedrock wasn't wide enough to build a real launch time.


The last and biggest module it's impressive about 30,000 Parts here we can see the main stickers which are custom made after the original paintings on the wall we have all the statues the lion madana with the child autoone felb and the very beautiful B relief of St George killing the dragon. He have replicated this balcony with its small fountain and a part of The Grotto King lud II made on the third floor. This is his only replications of Feinstein's interior since other rooms would be too small to allow for furniture and interior decorations. Since his creation is very large and tall. He has to make sure to design a strong enough structure inside so all the modules can be handled and transported without any risk. Often photographed by visitors and a very important feature of launch myste is the Royal balcony which he has replicated as well he didn't intend it to have lights inside but it's possible to install some there's enough face inside. 

All important Windows have an opaque panel in the back so no wires or structural resistance Parts can be seen from outside there is enough space between each window and the panel but remember you will need to install wires and lights. While you are building the building instruction book which took half year to complete consists of 6,280 pages all pages images are clear and easy to follow.

Special reminder

It is available for purchase in digital form on his website or at the trusty website 8 hours a day you'll need about 20 days to finish the castle if you choose to build this Neuschwanstein Castle design.Felix specifically reminds,from other type of bricks these are available as a complete set exclusively on the Chinese manufacturer websites like and only have the exclusive rights to sell his design with compatible bricks only we are paying to designers a license fee for our intellectual property.Please do not buy his design from other websites, they are still stealing designs of Felix and you will be part of these illegal activities. There are many Chinese websites selling fraudulent in the design. They are Neuschwanstein Castle Pirates and is a big chance you will be victim of scams bad quality of parts and bad services.Please do not encourage piracy do not bring into your home piracy products .Please respect Felix three years of work as you would like your own work and efforts to be respected make sure you buy compatible bricks for his design only from the manufacturer websit