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MOC Assembly Contest: Pick the Most Challenging MOC

durch LesDiy Luo 29 Apr 2023 0 Kommentare

In order to select the 5 most difficult and time-consuming MOC products, we drew on the competition form of Lego building blocks, Lego building and Lego creator, and invited several MOC enthusiasts and Lego enthusiasts to participate in the offline MOC assembly competition.

After 10 days of intense competition, we have ranked the 5 most challenging MOCs based on the assembly time and feedback from the participants.

1, MOC-131299 Medieval Castle Model(112644PCS)

Link: https://bit.ly/3n6UQXP

Different from ordinary Lego castles, this MOC castle has a lot of building blocks, and it took the contestants 3 days to assemble it.The model is originally designed and licensed by Sir Perceval. The product designed with a realistic appearance and rich interior details is a collection of 23 large-scale models, which are finally assembled into a castle on an enormous scale for an impressive display. Studs: W 113.6, L 226.7, H 104.4. Inches: W 42.1, L 71.4, H 32.9. Centimeters: W 106.9, L 181.4, H 83.5.

2, MOC-64235 Seven Rings - Part A(99548PCS)

Link: https://bit.ly/3HmKObI

Similar to the products of the Lego Lord of the Rings series, this MOC also imitates the famous buildings in the Lord of the Rings. It took the contestants two and a half days to assemble it.

99548 pieces mega model designed based on the huge city in the famous magic film. It is the new masterpiece by STEBRICK. Part B "The Mountain and the Temple" will be published during 2021. No matter how many times revisited the movie, the city is always amazing. Many important events took place in and in front of the city. Minifigure Dimension scale. Layers: Modular Building technique, divided into 7 layers. Macro Blocks: Each layer is built with Macro Modular Blocks. Perfect to be moved for exhibitions and stored.

MOC-64235 Seven Rings - Part A

3, MOC-43974 Notre Dame De Paris(63181PCS)

Link: https://bit.ly/3LEKac7

This Notre Dame de Paris model has the same origin as Lego Notre Dame de Paris. It took the contestants 2 days to assemble.Giant Gothic Miracle built with 63181 bricks designed by Stebrick! Incredibly detailed following the REAL Notre Dame. Dimension in Inches: width: 20,4 Length 57,4 Height at the top of the central tower 40,1 .Divided in 5 macro blocks easy to move, transport and to stock: the "facade", the "nave", the "transept", the "choir" and the “apse" .63.181 bricks!!! But do not worry, I have done a very special thing to help you to save money… Total Bricks list and instructions divided in “VISIBLE BRICKS” 50.103 bricks and “STRUCTURAL BRICKS” 13.078 bricks.

MOC-43974 Notre Dame De Paris

4, MOC-123380 Germany Neuschwanstein Castle Model(57602PCS)

Link: https://bit.ly/446MJuV

Designed and authorized by Felix_Mezei, the originally-designed Neuschwanstein Castle model, three years in making, is a complete set with bricks and PDF building instructions.

From the Author: About my Neuschwanstein Castle Replica in 57,602 moc pieces. The design is composed of only three modules that need to be built separately, each having its own building instruction manual. After building, they can be easily transported, attached and joined: The Gate, The Courtyard and The Body. My design allows you to follow your progression in the building process with each wall, window, roof, decoration, etc. The walls are made from the tiniest parts possible 1×1 and 1×2 plates because I wanted to have a realistic bricks interlocking pattern looks. You will be delighted to experience raising Neuschwanstein Castle gradually, by laying it brick by brick, just like a true medieval mason. Dimensions of the castle (in cm), length: 160, width: 63, height: 92, (in inches), length: 63, width: 25. height: 36.

MOC-123380 Germany Neuschwanstein Castle Model

5, MOC-29962 Modular Cathedral(22007PCS)

Link: https://bit.ly/3oPlAwi

22007 pieces mega Modular Cathedral designed based on a real church. This product was designed and authorized by Das_Felixle. The Cathedral consists of over 22200 bricks and uses a lot of advanced techniques like stainend glass Windows, a lot of vertically placed bricks as well as huge parts of the building which are displaced by half a brick to each other. The build is extremly complex, so it's only recommended for experienced builders. If build, it's 89 cm high and it uses two 48x48 base- plates, so it measures 37x 78x 89cm. It's fully interiored, has benches, sacresty, confessional and everything else a gothic Cathedral needs and is devideable in 11 submodels.

MOC-29962 Modular Cathedral

The above MOC products are all designed and produced by lego MOC series designers, and the quality is guaranteed. At the same time, in order to test the most challenging MOC, we have spent a lot of time and energy, in order to give MOC fans and lego fans a MOC difficulty ranking surface.


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