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  • Design: Happy Build YC-GC004 KY EXCAVATOR was designed and licenced by Shine Yu. The prototpye of this vehicle is HITACHI EX1200 Mining excavator.
  • Appearance: This authentic replica captures the magnificent outlook and powerful structure of the original excavator. Black wide tracks, white superstructure, powerful arm, large bucket, counterbalance blocks. Details including ladder, balustrade, simulated heat dissipation hole, etc.
  • Tracks: Widened tracks with good traction, allowing the vehicle to go through complicated terrains like desert, grassland, etc. The two tracks are drove by one L motor separately and powered by one battery box. When moving forward or backward, the two tracks will work together. When turning, you can just move one track or make two tracks move in opposite direction.
  • Infinite Spinning Worktable: With Shine Yu original specially designed Bearing, the work table can spin clockwise or anticlockwise no matter how many circles as you want, until the battery runs out. Worktable is drove by one XL motor and share a battery with the excavator arm.
  • Strong Arm: The arm contains four parts: the bucket, front arm, middle arm and rear arm. The bucket and front arm is drove by one L motor and controlled by gear rack + screw to realize extend and dig. The middle and rear arm is drove by another L motor, controlled by gear rack + screw to realize lifting or lay down the arm. All the three joints are movable, making the arm and bucket rather flexible for digging.
  • Motor Functions Pack: Equips with 6* L motors, 1* XL motor, 2* extension cables and 2* Bluetooth Lithium rechargeable batteries. Equips with very detailed paper instructions on how to lay the cables of the motors. 
  • APP Control: Scan the QR code, download the free app and connect by Bluetooth, you can remote control the excavator by your mobile phone. Four controlling modes available: normal mode, gravity sensing mode, drawing programming mode and speech recognition control mode. Currently, the speech recognition control mode support Chinese Mandarin only, maybe this can be a start for you to learn a few mandarin phrases.
  • Quality: Made of high quality ABS material, the bricks are smooth, coordinated in colour and fit well with each other, won't be too tight nor loose, well up to market leading quality. Bricks are compatible with most brands on the market.
  • Assembly: 4342 pieces in total, step-by-step packing makes it convenient to find and build. Comes with very detailed colorful paper instructions manual. This is a rather complex technic model, with plenty gears, it won't be a easy work, some building experience will help.
  • Packaging: Original colorful packaging box. Decent gift or self collection.



Brand Happy Build
Product ID YC-GC004
Brick Amount 4342 
Product Size 148 x 41 x 97 cm
Product Weight 6kg
Material ABS
RC Version Yes
Instruction Form Paper
Package Original Box
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