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  • The prototype of Mould King 17013 Large Crane Truck is Grove GMK crane truck. This model measures 78.9cm long, 18.4cm wide and 36.7cm high and weighs 4 kg. When the boom is fully extended, it can reach a height of 100cm.
  • Five-axles Steering: Support front two axles steering and five-axles steering, you can switch between the two steering modes. The five steering axles are the fisrt, second, forth, fifth and sixth axle.
  • Working V8 Engine: Equips with a V8 boxer engine with working pistons.
  • RC Outriggers: The four outriggers can be remote controlled to extend out and makes the crane stable while lifting.
  • Powerful Boom: The boom contains 3 segments, it can reach a height of 100 cm when fully extended. The boom can raise 70 degrees at most. The 6 metal counterweight blocks helps boom keep balance. The metal hook can best show lifting ability.
  • Rotation of Worktable: The worktable can rotate clockwise and anticlockwise up to 360 degrees by the remote control.
  • 6-Channels Remote Control: Equips with latest Mould King 6 channels remote control. The driving, steering of the truck, the rotation, rising and extending of the boom, the lifting of the hook and the extension of the outriggers are all integrated in this 6 channels remote control.
  • APP Control: Scan the QR code, download the free app and connect  bluetooth, you can control your crane truck by your mobile phone. Support normal mode, gyroscope mode, programming mode and voice control mode. Voice control mode support English, Madrine and Korean.
  • Power Functions Pack: Equips with 1* XL motor, 1*L motor, 3* M motors, 1* Bluetooth Lithium battery, 1*2.4G 6 channels remote control and 2* extension cords.


Brand Mould King
Product ID 17013 
Brick Amount 4460 
Product Size 78.9 x 18.4 x 36.7cm
Product Weight 6 kg
Material ABS
RC Version Yes
Instruction Form Paper
Package Original Box
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