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3 Axels!

Our first 3 axel wagon.
The MOC represents a 3-axle variant of a post wagon from the early 1960’s.The front and rear axle are steerable, so passing curves and turnouts is not an issue. Additionally, the middle axle is flexible as well and will move to the right or left side in curves and turnouts.
Nice straight forward build the axel mechanism being the hardest part to fit. YouTube video placeholder
Great gift but challenging

Bought for my puzzle loving daughter. She really enjoyed putting it together. So happy with my purchase. It's pretty sturdy, it's nice, assembled and sitting on her shelf. :)But my daughter hasn't put it together yet, it's hard for her

Fair evaluation

The logistics is a bit slow, but the assembly process meets my requirements for the MOC train model


When assembled, it is taller than my son 😂 😂 😂

Awesome Truck

I wasn’t sure of the actual size and craftsmanship when I purchased it, but my daughter tells me I chose well. My grandson absolutely loves it and plays with it every day! Wish I could’ve been there when he opened the present.

Great Locomotion / Smooth Build Experience / only 3 Parts missing

Great Locomotive - motorization would need own re-building activities - wheels are preared (blind drivers inherited). I had 3 parts missing, used to get them from bricklink. Stone Quality was quite good (didn't need to glue something). The Wheel Mounting was diffiuclt to understand, as the manual is not clearly showing in detail on how the relating bricks need to be mounted (you need to use for some bricks the inner stone circles to put them in, to have them same space between all axles).
Overall: Just using it as a Display Modell: and for this it looks realy amazing, with all its Details...

Great model, easy to understand instructions

My 8yo son built this on his own will little help even though box says 16+.
Gearing is a little tight so wheels and pistons don't move easily, especially with weigh once fully assembled.
In terms of it being a model, it is a fantastic representation of the Big Boy. Great for any steam enthusiast.

Awesome build

Nice large model
Enjoyable build
Wasn’t missing any pieces

Great easy to build kits with great instructions

Super great kits with awesome easy to read and understand instructions. We will definitely be buying more of your kits they are awesome and a great value too.

Very detailed model of the great Big Boy steam locomotive

The "Big Boy" is the largest and most powerful steam locomotive ever built.The instructions were all correct and clear and everything went together well. The model is highly details with lots of small parts to be as accurate as possible with a brick-based model kit. I actually assembled this steam locomotive kit while riding on the Amtrak Texas Eagle train ride from LA to Chicago. I enjoyed the literallness of building a train while on a train. Highly Recommended.

Highly satisfied with product

Second train I have purchased an I’m highly satisfied. 100% complete. Quality bricks that connect and stay together. Acceptable instructions for an experienced builder. Although the delivery is a bit slow , but worth its price

Great easy to assemble kits

Super great kits with awesome easy to read and understand instructions. they are awesome and a great value too.

a little bit hard 😂

Exactly what I was looking for, but a little bit hard 😂 😂

Made my 19yr old grandson’s birthday!

My 19 years old Grandson was over the moon with this crane!


To be honest, it is too challenging. I have been fighting for a long time. At the same time, I am also a fan of moc difficulty, which meets my expectations.

Very fancy! 😋

Dad loves more than the kid does. It has many functions to explore. Dad enjoys building it while my boy loves taking them apart. 😆

exercising children

It's just right for my son, he always said that the blocks I bought were too easy, this castle stumped him, it took a long time to put together, hahaha🤣 🤣 🤣


It really is a master-like assembly difficulty, the difficulty is a bit high, even if I read the manual, it took me a long time to assemble it, I strongly recommend it for construction enthusiasts who want to challenge difficult assembly

Pure happiness

The look on my niece’s face and her jumping up and down was so worth the cost. Highly recommend.

Worth the money

this toys is impressive. It’s very realistic. It’s big and make a cool sound and it’s operate from the remote very easily. Nice gift.

Nice RC construction vehicle

My nephew loved playing with it for a little bit and even I enjoyed playing around with it as well. It's just that the logistics is a bit slow, but considering that there are too many uncertain factors in international logistics, it is understandable

Very fun once you figure out the controls

Initially, the remote was not communicating well with the bulldozer since i do not know how to operate. Eventually, after reading the manual and tinkering with the remote controls, it synced up and started to work great. My four-year-old cousin loved pushing his stuff around! He could not get enough!

Moc Kathedrale

Toller und sehr freundlicher Service und Super Kommunikation. Fragen werden jederzeit Beantwortet. Sehr gut verpackt mit vielen Extras in der Lieferung.

A tribute to my city

As my city is proud of this pastry shop and its specialty, the 'Bossche Bol', so am I proud to have brought this monumental building to bricks. A tribute to my city. Thanks to everyone is able to enjoy the build of my design for a friendly price. Enjoy building! -Christian van der Ven, designer (@vanderlegofan)

MOC-103846 F1-75 1/8 Scale Racing Car