Building in Films

Tips Before Shopping:
1. The details of every product shows in the Product Description, including the size & weight, prepare time, package and pre-order or not and so on. Please pull down the product page to find it, if it show nothing, please click "Description" first.
2. MOC Set need some time to prepare, and usually not short. You can find it in the Product Description.
3. Sets of other brands comes with original box, MOC Sets shipped in our own gift box or carton, detail also shows in the Product Description.
4. The PDF instruction of the MOC Set will be loaded in a USB-Stick and packed in the box. If you can't find it, please ask us for the instruction copy.
5. welcome any consultations.
MOC-87489 Orc Outpost
MOC-65405 Harlond Port
MOC-84124 UCS Minas Morgul
MOC-54526 Rancor Pit
Mould King 16041 Magic Joker Shop
Mould King 16040 Magic Book Store
Mould King 16038 Magic Wand Shop
MOC-79354 Jabba's Palace
MOC-62284 UCS Rivendell