Missing Parts

Lesdiy Provides Free Parts for Parts Missing or Parts Defective Case.


How to Get The Parts I Need?

Case A. Some few parts can't be found

1) Circle the missing or defective parts on the manual and mark the amount you need.

2) Take photos or Printscreen.

3) Send them to Service@lesdiy.com.

Case B. Whole small bags are  missing

1) Gather all the bags in the package.

2) Take photos of all the bags and photos of the label with bar code on the box.

3) Send them to Service@lesdiy.com.

Case C. Motors or battery cases don't work

1) Take a video to explain your problem.

2) Send the video to Service@lesdiy.com and describe the problem.

3) We will give you the best solution.



1. The free part service last only 6 months since ordered.

2. Any cheat behavior for free parts will not be allowed.

3. For the motors or battery cases needs over 6 months limit, you can still contact us, we will provide them with fair price.