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Dear MOC enthusiasts,

Have you ever given up on buying LEGO bricks due to their high cost?
Do you often find yourself frustrated by the unavailability of a certain MOC part?
Or have you struggled to assemble your own MOC due to the existing parts not being the right size?

 If any of these issues resonate with you, then we have great news! LesDiy is now offering a MOC parts customization service to help solve these pain points for MOC fans.

Our MOC parts customization service includes:
-MOC bricks that are compatible with LEGO. Made of smooth and durable ABS high-quality material. Our customized parts are priced more affordably than LEGO and we can produce most LEGO building block parts (except those with patented pairs).
-Custom MOC parts for all MOCs on We can customize parts for all MOCs on rebrickable.

Advantages of choosing LesDiy parts customization:
-We can customize MOC parts in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes to suit your unique creative needs.
-Our production is fast and usually takes only a few days to complete your order.
-We can provide you with tailor-made services and make special MOC parts according to your design requirements.
-We provide free quotes and consulting services to help you better understand our custom process and service content.

If you are interested in our service or have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at or the contact information provided at the bottom of the page.

Thank you for considering LesDiy for your MOC needs. We look forward to helping you create your dream builds!

Parts Customization Process

About Our Custom Parts


Machine Intelligent Production

Our building block parts production is an automated process that utilizes machine intelligence technology to produce building block parts. In this production method, the machine can perceive the information of raw materials through sensors, and automatically process and assemble according to the preset process flow. The machine can also use algorithms such as machine learning to optimize and adjust the production process to achieve more efficient, stable and precise production. This production method can effectively improve the production efficiency and quality of building block parts, and at the same time reduce the risk and error of manual operation, so as to provide more personalized parts for MOC parts demanders.


Dedicated Parts Storage

Our Parts Dedicated Warehouse is a dedicated facility for storing, managing and sorting building block parts. In this warehouse, all building block parts will be classified and archived according to characteristics such as shape, color and size for easy management and use. The warehouse will also be equipped with an automated storage and retrieval system, which can automatically obtain the required building block parts according to production needs and quickly send them to the production line. This special warehouse can greatly improve the storage and management efficiency of building block parts, reduce storage costs and management costs, and at the same time ensure that the quality and quantity of building block parts are effectively controlled, provide strong support for the production line, and allow customers to quickly realize parts requirements .


Secondary Manual Classification and Quality Inspection

In addition to the first machine sorting and testing, our building block parts will also undergo a second manual sorting and quality inspection. In manual classification, workers will place the building block parts in different categories according to their characteristics such as size, shape and color, so as to facilitate later use and management. In manual quality inspection, workers check each part one by one for appearance quality, dimensional accuracy, etc., to ensure that it meets the standard requirements. This manual classification and inspection can effectively improve the quality and reliability of building block parts, and avoid defective products caused by production equipment failure or machine intelligence errors.

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