MOC-78170 Black Owl Law Office


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  • MOC-78170 Black Owl Law Office. This product was designed and authorized by Brickstyle City.
  • The "Black Owl" owes its name to the owl figure that adorns the entrance to this classic city villa.
  • Nowadays this building is used as a representative law firm and is designed and equipped accordingly.
  • The house has three floors in the front and four floors in the rear, where the ceilings are not so high.
  • In keeping with the character of the building, it has a representative staircase as the centerpiece of the interior design and rooms with partly high ceilings with decorations and large chandeliers.
  • The furnishings are full of details, from curtains on the high windows and radiators underneath to all the equipment that is used in the office business, such as MFC printers, a document shredder, a large safe and movable archive shelves.
  • The ground floor houses a meeting room, the archive and a (very small) visitor's toilet. There is a secretariat on the first mezzanine floor and the office of a lawyer drowning in mountains of files on the first main floor.
  • A kitchenette is located on the second mezzanine floor and the secretariat and the office of the second lawyer in the law firm on the second main floor. He either has less to do than his colleague or is better organized because his office is tidy ;-)
  • Finally, in the rear part of the second main floor there is a toilet room.


Designer Brickstyle City
MOC MOC-78170
Brick Amount 5360
Product Size No Data Now
Product Weight 5.5 kg
Material ABS
LED Kits Not Included
Instruction Form PDF
Package LesDiy Box
Shipped Within 15 Days
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